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Project Description
A C# Silverlight project which builds a game engine capable of consuming data files from the games formerly hosted on This is a slight branch of the last production game engine on which removes features dependent on the site like high scores

Things to do with/to this code
There are a number of things this code could be useful for or could use fixing:
*Example code for a simple, general purpose Silverlight game engine
*create a Silverlight 3 scene / actor / behavior editor for the data format and make new games
*Porting the engine to run your games on other platforms, like XBox 360 or Zune via XNA Game Studio or client PC via WPF
*Building a copy of the game engine to use with your game data to post on your website.
*fix multi-actor collision resolution and make Lots O' Peas go faster!
*add new features like grid-based terrain, dialog trees, etc

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